We will pick out things that meet your needs and are in harmony with your style, while saving time and money on your purchases.

"I am more keen to look good and to not impress others but to impress myself and to feel good and I can do that on a good budget and I can do that in wearing clothes that I didn’t even think that I could wear and feeling adventurous"

personal styling and shopping

Calling a stylist can be quite intimidating for the first time. My role is to help you reach your full style potential in a fun, relaxed and affordable way. 

What inspires me the most is seeing women feeling proud, confident and POWERFUL in their new look! 

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Whether you want to establish a name in the Fashion Industry or need consultation on which colours go best together, we CAN help you. 

Do you want to have a collection that sells? expand your brands? be inspirational? create beautiful collections that ARE wearable and can trend in the market?


Style Collaboration: Bella Bekanova x Salma @thebritishmoroccan

One of my favourite collaborations with beautiful Salma, who looks great in cold, pastel colours.

 Photography: @sahararrayeh Makeup: @tasnimnaharmakeupartist


about bella

Welcome! My name is Bella Bekanova. 

Back in high school, I was pretty bold with my looks. I loved breaking the boundaries and rebelling. I loved the way my clothes could shout out my personality without me having to say a word and I loved strange reactions I got from people who just couldn’t get what I was wearing.