Colour Consultation for a luxury scarf collection,  Barjis

Colour Consultation for a luxury scarf collection, Barjis

Fashion Consulting


As stylists, we are often are the first ones to apply and adopt the new trends and pieces, giving our own insight on how new items are to be worn. In other words, we are the messengers of the industry, communicating everything fresh and cool to clients that are savvy for statements. And we can help and to explain and filter fashion to be understandable for all which makes you, as a designer feel that your creations can have an impact on peoples lives just by wearing them in a correct style.

Starting from the first sketch of the collection, to making sure that your end product finds its perfect market, our styling expertise can be a great contributions to your business. We can help you approach the process in a structured way to maximise your creative output with the budget that you comfortable with. Our job is to adjust clothing and accessories to people’s profiles and lifestyles, which is an inseparable part of the fashion chain.


In the end of our collaboration, you will have a collection that you are proud of, represents you as a designer in all the aspects of branding, and most importantly, sells! 


What is the one thing that makes a fashion label famous and wearable? Arrange a call to find out!

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How does it work?

We can work on pretty much any terms that work for you. Starting from consultation on colours or the overall concept, to styling the collection and showing the wearability of it. 

If you would like me and my team to be involved throughout the whole process, we will start with a meeting to discuss the overall concept of the collection and go through the research, ideas, and sketches. From there we together will decide what kind of input you need from me, based on your goals, and from there outline the timeline.  

We can reinterpret your creations, assist you while developing your vision for the next collection. We can come up with endless combinations based on the designs, and style multiple ways to wear a given piece of clothing which will reveal the beauty of your designs.

Together, let us enhance the uniqueness of your creations, and let your personality reflect on them. Let us create your image which will be remembered by everyone and be the designer to watch out for!